Scott Miller Award

The Boston Metro Local  A.P.W.U. is proud to announce the Annual Scott Miller Rescuer’s Award in memory of Scott Miller and in recognition of his accomplishments.

Scott Miller was a member of the Boston Metro APWU since 1985, a member of the Executive Board, a Trustee, and a shop steward at the General Mail Facility in Boston. Tragically, he passed away suddenly in August of 2006. Scott had many noteworthy accomplishments during his career but is especially remembered for several acts of lifesaving where his special training, emergency skills, and grace under pressure allowed him to resuscitate victims of heart attacks and choking.

A Certificate of Award and a monetary prize of one thousand dollars ($1,000), is presented annually by the Boston Metro Local, commemorating the life-saving activities of our departed brother, Scott Alan Miller, and honoring individuals whose acts of heroism and rescue best exemplify Scott’s skill and sacrifice.

This annual award is bestowed by the Boston Metro Area Local, to be given annually in recognition for life-saving acts and heroic actions of a similar nature. It will be bestowed upon that individual whose lifesaving or first aid response in an emergency situation best exemplifies the selflessness and competence demonstrated by Scott in similar incidents. The award consists of a certificate and a cash award of one thousand dollars. Full details of the award criteria and procedure are given below.

We encourage all APWU members across the country to submit nominations for this year’s award to the address below. The award may be given to present and retired members of the APWU and to members of their immediate family. Nominations must be endorsed by your local APWU president or secretary/treasurer and must include a description of the act, the individual’s relation to the APWU, and the full name and contact information of the nominee. Any documentation in the form of incident reports, newspapers, et cetera will greatly aid the Boston Metro Local in the deciding the winner of the award.

The deadline to submit applications for this award is Labor Day 2015.

Send nominations and supporting documentation to:

The Scott Miller Rescuer’s Award
Boston Metro Local A.P.W.U.
137 South Street #4, Boston, MA 02111

Description: A Certificate of Award and a monetary prize of one thousand dollars ($1,000), to be presented annually by the Boston Metro Local of the American Postal Workers Union, commemorating the lifesaving activities of our departed brother, Scott Alan Miller, and honoring those individuals whose acts of heroism and rescue best exemplify Scott’s skill and sacrifice.

Criteria: To be awarded on an annual basis to that individual whose act or acts, in the opinion of the Standing Committee, best manifests the qualities honored by the Award. These qualities include heroism, rescue, life-saving, emergency medical response, bravery in the field of rescue, and other such attributes associated with the saving or attempted saving of human life.

Definitions: The Standing Committee will consist of the Executive Board of the Boston Metro Local in toto, and meeting in quorum. A majority vote is necessary for all decisions of the Standing Committee.

Eligibility: The Award may be awarded to all present and former APWU members and to members of their immediate family, including members of any actual extended family, provided the nature of the relationship is properly explained in the application. The Standing Committee is allowed to consider the degree of the family relationship and/or any relevant factors involving the nominee’s participation in the APWU as a factor in the Award decision.

Nominations: Nominations may be made by any member-in-good-standing of the APWU. They must be endorsed by the individual’s Local President or Secretary/Treasurer (or by the appropriate APWU official in the case of a Member-at-Large), and must include: 1.) a description of the act or acts that gave rise to the nomination; 2.) the APWU or family affiliation of the nominee; and 3.) the full name and contact information of the nominee.

By their endorsement the Local President or Secretary-Treasurer must certify the APWU membership of the person making the nomination, and is also certifying that the events described in the nomination are true to the best of their knowledge. Newspaper clippings and other relevant documentation (including Awards from other organizations or the United States Postal Service) will be considered favorably by the Standing Committee while making their decision.

Award Procedure: The issue of the Bostonian that is issued first in each calendar year shall contain an announcement of the Award and its criteria, to be drafted by the Local General President or his designee. That announcement will contain the criteria for the Award, all appropriate deadlines, all appropriate restrictions, and proper notice of the application process. The General President is authorized to send out such additional Award announcements as he deems necessary or desirable. The general principle is to circulate notice of the Award to the widest possible extent.

The deadline for nominations shall be included in the announcement, and shall not be earlier than Memorial Day or later than Labor Day of the year in question. In the event of a large number of applications, or for any other reason, the General President is authorized to form a Review Committee to review the applications, perform any necessary investigation, and, if desirable, synopsize each application.

Immediately after the first Executive Board meeting after the closing of the nomination period, the Standing Committee shall meet in executive session and review the applications for the Award, along with any comments provided by the Review Committee, if said Committee was convened. The Standing Committee may make a final decision on the Award at this meeting or may postpone (for any reason) the decision until immediately after the next Executive Board meeting.

The final decision on the Award must be approved by the General Membership at the regular monthly meeting. Interested parties will be afforded an opportunity to speak on the matter prior to the vote of the General Membership, subject to the normal rules of the Membership Meeting. Should the decision of the Standing Committee fail to pass the General Membership in a majority vote, the Standing Committee will repeat the above process at the next monthly meeting and once again bring a recommendation before the General Membership.

The Standing Committee is not barred from recommending for the Award a nominee who has previously been nominated but who has failed to obtain the majority approval of the General Membership. In the event that the General Membership has not approved a nomination by the end of the December membership meeting, the Standing Committee is authorized to discontinue the nomination process and recommend donating the monetary value of the Award to a worthwhile organization, as described below.

Additional Provisions: The General President of the Boston Metro Local, APWU, is responsible for producing the actual Award Certificate. Any disputes or situations not covered in the above can be resolved by the General President, subject to the approval of the Standing Committee. In the event that no suitable applications are received for an annual Award, the Standing Committee may recommend to the General Membership a donation of one thousand dollars ($1,000) in the name of Scott Alan Miller, to be made to an organization such as the American Red Cross, a firefighter, police, or emergency medical technician organization, or some such group concerned with rescue work.

2007 -  First Annual Scott Miller Rescuer’s Award  

Army 1st Lt. Ryan Patrick Jones

The First Recipient of the Scott Miller Rescuers Award

We are more than proud to award the First Annual Scott Miller Rescuers Award to First Lt. Ryan Patrick Jones posthumously.  Ryan’s actions are the epitome of this award.

Army 1st Lt. Ryan P. Jones was assigned to the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, based at Fort Riley, Kansas. The Army announced he was killed in Iraq when his vehicle struck a roadside bomb.
Ryan’s father, Kevin Jones, is an A.P.W.U. member.

2008  -  Second Annual Scott Miller Rescuer’s Award 

The Second Annual SCOTT MILLER RESCUER’S AWARD went to Janet Gateley and Tom Keady, two clerks from Codman Square Post Office for their heroic actions on 12/1/2008.

Early on Monday, December 1, 2008,  clerks Janet Gateley and Tom Keady were working the window when chaos erupted. Gunshots rang out and people scrambled. Just outside the front entrance lay a young man who had just been shot.  Tom and Janet jumped into action. They immediately called 911 and ran to give aid.  Aside from providing emotional support, both employees did everything they could to help this young man. Sadly he did not make it.

Janet and Tom should be commended and honored for their actions that day. They both showed great courage. Their heroic efforts to save this young boy’s life and to comfort him are, in my mind, extraordinary. Despite the unhappy ending, we want to publicly acknowledge and salute Janet and Tom for their selfless actions that day.

2009  -  Third Annual Scott Miller Rescuer’s Award 

The Third Annual Scott Miller Rescuers Award (2009) is being awarded to the daughter of one of our own union sisters, Mary Nelson, a clerk at the Milk Street Station. Her 16 year old daughter, Mary Kate Nelson, is a life guard at a public swimming pool in Quincy, MA. On May 13, 2009, she saved the life of a senior citizen who was drowning. Mary Kate, dressed in her street clothes, noticed someone on the bottom of the pool. She dived in, and pulled the women out. CPR was performed and EMTs were called in.

There was another submission for this prestigious award, submitted on behalf of Boston Metro sister, Christina Fontana. As a member of the MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team), her actions helped a union brother in severe stress while at work. Christina was given Honorable Mention for her life saving efforts.

2010  -Fourth Award – Mical Waterhouse, Bob’s brother

 On April 14, 2010, Mical Waterhouse spotted smoke coming from the bottom of a neighbor’s house. He went to the door and knocked. There was no answer. When he became sure that there was a fire in the house, he called 911. He broke into the house to find smoke alarms blaring and smoke filling the hallways. He came across several children playing in a room. None of them spoke a word of English. He ushered each one of them out of the house, as well as an elderly woman.

If not for his actions of calling the authorities and evacuating the house himself, these people would likely have perished.

The Town of Wakefield declined to recognize him for his actions, but the occupants of the house were not exiting the house even with smoke emerging and alarms sounding. The story made the News that night on WHDH-TV. The report claims fifteen people were saved. The accurate number was seven children and one elderly woman.

Mical Waterhouse is the brother of Bob Waterhouse, steward and officer of Boston Metro APWU.

2011 – No winner

2012  - 5th Award -  LEO HYNES & BILL HOWELL, GMF MERT TEAM (for saving Walter Keating

                                    IN MEMORIAM



This life that we live is a mystery, to be sure. Our lives are filled with raw emotions - some good, some very bad, and each and every brother and sister has had to suffer tragedies in their life. When they do occur, we do our best to carry on. With the help of our families and friends, we are able to somehow carry on, but not without paying a heavy price as our heart and soul are weighed down with profound sadness and irretrievable loss. So it is with the sudden and horrific death of our "brother in arms", Scott Miller.

Friday evening, August 25, 2006, I was at home having just had dinner, when I received the worst possible news. Our Chief Steward on tour-3 in the GMF, Bob Keough, called me and upon hearing his voice, I knew something was wrong - - very wrong. Bob’s voice cracked as he told me the devastating news that our union brother and very close friend, Scott Miller, had passed away suddenly.

Upon hearing this horrible news, I became upset as I tried to come to grips with what Bobby had just said. I remember thinking that this just could not be true - not Scotty Miller - no way! My God, he was but 46 years old.

I know everyone in our local is offering their sincerest condolences and sympathies to Scott’s family, especially to his great father, Jack, and his young son, Mathew.

The brothers and sisters who work in the Flat Section, where Scott was the steward, are heartbroken as they truly loved Scott as a brother. The outpouring of love for Scott was overwhelming in this section and throughout the entire local.

Our local has suffered a tragic loss of one of our own once again. Anyone who knew our brother, and there area great many in our union, knew Scott was as dedicated and passionate a man as anyone in the American Postal Workers Union ever was or ever will be!

I’m finding it quite difficult and hard to believe I’m writing about this heartbreak. After all, Scott was a wonderful union brother and very close friend. This is a stunning shock for all of us who knew and loved Scott Miller.

The day before Scott passed away, he attended our Executive Board meeting at the hall and worked his tour-3 shift that evening. There weren’t any signs of health concerns for Scott. He was as strong as a rock.

Scott’s young son, Mathew, was his life. Mathew meant everything to him. Scotty often took him to various union functions. Our annual Childrens Christmas Party was attended by Scott and Mathew since his son was an infant.

To my chagrin, I personally know what Mathew is going through, and what he will be confronted with in the future since his awesome Dad was taken from him while in the prime of his life. Mathew’s wonderful Mom, Denise, will ensure that he is comforted and protected as he grows up, of that there is no doubt.

As our brother, Jeff Baird, said to Mathew at Scott’s home the day we buried Scott, he should always remember that he has hundreds of "aunts and uncles" in the American Postal Workers Union who will always be there for him. Jeff reminded Mathew that his Dad was a hero to many of us. This brought a modest smile from our young brother. Scott Miller was a kind and loving father whose #1 concern in his life was Mathew.

Several weeks ago, Scott and I were talking about how proud Mathew was of him when he, along with brother John Ward and the assistance of the MERT, saved our mailhandler union brother John Hoban’s life in the GMF. Scott was so happy that he was in a position to help save our union brother.

Life, as we all know too well, can be cruel as "tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone". I guess what weighs on us all quite heavily is that there wasn’t anyone with Scott at his moment of life and death to save him. The Lord knows, his Dad and family and friends would have moved Heaven and Earth to save Scott if we could.

Scott’s chances for survival would no doubt have been significantly higher had he been stricken at work, solely due to the MERT which we all know he was one of its leaders. This isn’t right, no matter what is said. Many of us must rely on our faith as we try to understand why our brother is no longer with his family and friends.

We first met Scott in the mid-1980s. Any one of his friends would tell you that he was as sharp as anyone. His expertise in contract matters was impressive, especially with FMLA. Scott protected countless members in all areas of our contract, whether it was in arbitration or on the workroom floor, and did so with class and integrity always. His knowledge of FMLA was unmatched as was his love for his family and friends and A.P.W.U.

Scott was also a brother’s brother, who you could count on at work and in private life. At this year’s National Convention, Scott was very active and excited with the prospect of getting the RI-399 fight to the forefront of the Convention. Scott spoke in front of thousands of clerks on this issue. He was the co-author of this resolution, along with steward and officer, David Chandler. The national union’s stance on this issue has changed dramatically due in large part to Scott’s contribution to A.P.W.U.

Whenever I needed an important issue to be addressed in the grievance procedure that affected hundreds, if not thousands of members, I often went to Scott, knowing he would put forth a tremendous effort; but that was our Scott Miller.

Scott was quite often the calming influence in our local. He always seemed to mediate disputes with his art of seeing both sides of every issue. He was a gentleman’s gentleman. All of us who loved Scott are forced to carry on without him in our lives, which will be a monumental task.

Many brothers and sisters reading this story have Scott to thank for his dedication to protect them and their families. I write this story as one of many who is nursing a broken heart as we deal with the sudden departure of Brother Miller from this "Veil of Tears". I know I’m rambling a bit trying to put to writing cogent thoughts. The truth be told, our local will never be the same. Scott’s family and friends were dealt the cruelest blow of all.

No longer will I have the luxury of calling my brother with a concern that I know will be handled with the utmost integrity for his union. That infectious smile he wore every day will linger on in my mind’s eye forever. His union brothers who worked with Scott on tour-3 are completely at a loss. Seeing these brothers breaking down this week is a sign of how much this great brother was loved by his boys.

In closing, Scott Miller left his mark here on Earth as a guy you couldn’t help but gravitate to due to his kindness and fun loving spirit. I know his long time brothers in the American Postal Workers Union don’t corner the market on this heartache, however we were as close as brothers could be. His legacy will be that of a kind and loving man whose intelligence and class that guided many will live on within our hearts for time immemorial.

Scott’s crowning achievement in this life was not as a unionist in America - not by a long shot. Anyone privileged to know him will say in unison. He was first a great son and a loving father to Mathew and an anchor for his wonderful family. This gentle soul will no doubt receive top priority as he enters the Gates of Heaven, and I’m sure he will be wearing an A.P.W.U. shirt and a smile bigger than the Boston GMF, where he left his mark after twenty years of protecting his brothers and sisters.

Rest in Peace, Scott. We love you!0